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I don't know if it's a lie or not, but the rumor of darkness that doesn't come to light in this world, "Urban Legend." Among them, there was an "too erotic" urban legend that could never be broadcast. Conducted assault coverage on the so-called "Erotic City Legend". [Erotic urban legend file ⑧ Follow the mysterious job seeker support group "SWS"! ! ] Job change boom in the streets! ! Job-hunting sites are inundated, but the job-seekers still have strong employment! ! At the doorway, we got the information that "a mysterious female college student volunteer group [SWS] has appeared and is providing H helpers who are suspicious to job seekers". 嘘か本当かわからぬが、この世には明るみに出ない闇の噂「都市伝説」。その中でも決して放送できなかった「エロすぎる」都市伝説が存在した…。いわゆる「エロすぎ都市伝説」に突撃取材を敢行した。【エロ都市伝説ファイル⑧謎の求職者支援団体“SWS”を追え!!】巷では転職ブーム!!転職サイトが乱立していますが、今も求職者に根強い信頼を得ているのは職▲!!そこの出入口に『謎の女子大生ボランティア集団【SWS】が現れ、求職者に怪しげなHな支援を行っている』という情報を得た我々はさっそく職▲に向かった… Free HD

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